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Special Cam & Groove Fittings

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CXC (Coupler x Coupler)

SA Spool Adapter (Adapter x Adapter)

A-Adapter Corrosion Resistant (Adapter x Female NPT Thread)

CXC (Coupler x Coupler)


SA Spool Adapter (Adapter x Adapter)


Corrosion Resistant Fittings

LA (Adapter x Female NPT Thread 90 Degree)

AFH (Adapter x Female Fire Hose (NH) Thread)

AS (Adapter x Female NPSH Thread)

90º Elbows

Fire Hose Threads

Straight Threads

TCA (Adapter x Female Tank Car Thread)

AWB-Adapter (Adapter x Butt Weld)

AHD (Heavy Duty Adapter x Female NPT Thread)

Railroad Tank Car Connections

Weld Fittings

Heavy Duty Couplings

PFA (Adapter x Pipe Flange)

BC-Coupler (Coupler x Tubing Compression Fittings)

CDGHD (Heavy Duty Coupler x Double Groove)

Pipe Flanges

Compression Fittings

Victaulic® Fittings

CXAY (Coupler x Adapter)

APS, and WPS Adapter Fittings and CPS, DPS, and VPS Couplings-2


Y & T Fittings

Pressure Safe

Abrasion Resistant Fittings