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Teflon® Encapsulated Coupling Gasket

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Made in the U.S.A.

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Note: Prices subject to change without notice.

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Recommended Operating Conditions (PDF)
Safety Instructions & Recommended Materials (PDF)

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5503007 TOCS1 FEP Encapsulated Silicone 3/4 in. N/A QUOTE
5503207 TOCV1 FEP Encapsulated Viton® 3/4 in. N/A QUOTE
5503010 TOCS2 FEP Encapsulated Silicone 1 in. N/A QUOTE
5503210 TOCV2 FEP Encapsulated Viton® 1 in. N/A QUOTE
5503012 TOCS3 FEP Encapsulated Silicone 1-1/4 in. N/A QUOTE
5503212 TOCV3 FEP Encapsulated Viton® 1-1/4 in. N/A QUOTE
5503015 TOCS4 FEP Encapsulated Silicone 1-1/2 in. N/A QUOTE
5503215 TOCV4 FEP Encapsulated Viton® 1-1/2 in. N/A QUOTE
5503020 TOCS5 FEP Encapsulated Silicone 2 in. N/A QUOTE
5503220 TOCV5 FEP Encapsulated Viton® 2 in. N/A QUOTE
5503025 TOCS6 FEP Encapsulated Silicone 2-1/2 in. N/A QUOTE
5503225 TOCV6 FEP Encapsulated Viton® 2-1/2 in. N/A QUOTE
5503030 TOCS7 FEP Encapsulated Silicone 3 in. N/A QUOTE
5503230 TOCV7 FEP Encapsulated Viton® 3 in. N/A QUOTE
5503040 TOCS8 FEP Encapsulated Silicone 4 in. N/A QUOTE
5503240 TOCV8 FEP Encapsulated Viton® 4 in. N/A QUOTE
5503050 TOCS9 FEP Encapsulated Silicone 5 in. N/A QUOTE
5503060 TOCS10 FEP Encapsulated Silicone 6 in. N/A QUOTE
  Results 1 - 18 of 18 1